Billing Services

A Billing Service That’s Right For You

You do what you do best, what you were trained to do – help your patients – and let us eliminate the huge burden of medical billing in your office…

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We are customized for seamless integration with your office procedures. All we require is the billing information you already collect. Once we receive the demographic, insurance, and charge information on your patients, we enter all the data and submit claims electronically to the appropriate insurance carriers.

You get all reimbursement from patients and insurance companies paid directly to you. We do not handle your money. You send us copies of payment registers and explanation of benefits, and we post both payment and adjustment information to your patient accounts.

In all we do, our professionals strictly adhere to best practice procedures. Our workflow is optimized for outstanding efficiency and effectiveness. Full access to our office professionals is yours via our toll free telephone number and/or email. You’ll find our staff courteous and knowledgeable. Confidentiality and compliance are ensured in every phase of our business operation.


    • Billing – We submit claims at least weekly, almost always electronically.
    • Benefit verification for every new patient or any patient who changes insurance plans. This way, you always know what to charge your patients. Deductibles and co-pays, coinsurance, number of allowed visits in what time frame, authorizations, pre-existing limitations, allowable CPT codes, whether you’re in-network, and any other conditions contained in their policy.
    • Pre-certification. No longer do you have to call an insurance company and spend an hour on the phone, on hold or being transferred from one office to another. We take care of this! You spend the few minutes between patients making progress notes or returning patient calls. You don’t need to EVER lose money because you don’t have authorizations or because of lost benefits!
    • Claims follow-up and investigation. In spite of what some other billing services do, we don’t just submit and wait, hoping you get paid. Aging reports are examined weekly, and we follow up on outstanding claims. No longer do you have to keep up with what needs follow up … we’ll take care if it!
  • Patient statements. We submit patient statements daily and/or upon request from your patient if they need statements for any billing service psychiatric ncpurpose, such as legal, health savings, housing, or any other purpose. We can bill any guarantors of patient accounts, such as attorneys, trust funds, churches, etc. Questions about accounts or insurance coverage? Your patients can call our toll-free number and ask. Our intent is to make your accounts receivable issues as minimal as possible. Statements are run with the first cycle beginning after there’s a balance. You don’t have to wait for the first of the month to run statements! To keep your cash flow consistent, statements go out regularly, most of the time on a daily basis. To see a sample of our patient statement click here.