For Providers in Behavioral Health Practices …

A Psychiatric Billing Service That Banishes

Your Billing Frustrations

  • Overwhelmed with billing paperwork?psychiatric billing service asheville, nc
  • Confused by constantly changing insurance requirements?
  • Concerned about the effects of Obamacare?
  • Frustrated with billing errors?

We can help! …

We provide billing services exclusively for psychiatric providers in the behavioral health field. We’re unique because we only serve professionals in behavioral health. We know how to get you paid for the work you do. Hiring us to do your billing is cost-effective for you. Your collections will increase because of our expertise in his specialized reimbursement. Since our founding in 1998, our clients no longer worry about any of the problems plaguing psychiatrists in their behavioral healthcare practices. Problems like…

  • Poor reimbursement
  • Delays in payment
  • Constant changes in insurance requirements
  • Frustration with software and computer problems
  • High staff turnover

We take care of these issues for you!

Our Priority: “Decrease Your Billing Expense and Increase Your Collections!

Our Commitment To You: “We will ensure that you are reimbursed quickly and accurately.”

We will provide you with all the necessary forms and paperwork for your billing. When you complete them, all you have to do is return them to us daily via fax or email. Simple as that! Our skilled team will evaluate your information and enter it into our comprehensive database. We will then file your insurance claims electronically, ensuring that you’re reimbursed quickly and accurately. Can you do this yourself? Yes, you can. BUT … you will have to buy the correct software and learn how to use it. You will have to enter your charges, contact as many different insurance companies as needed, verify your patients’ benefits, spend time on hold, get authorizations, stay current with these authorizations, AND follow up on unpaid claims, correct faulty billing, appeal unpaid claims etc. OR … You can hire us to do all this. Think of the time you can save. Time to spend with your family to see more patients, to keep current on professional topics. In short, time to do the things you enjoy doing.

Partner With Us. Save Time And Money!

  • Have more time to care for your patients
  • End your frustration with insurance claims paperwork
  • Increase your collections for the hard work you do
  • Forget about the tedious rules and procedures – we keep up with them!
  • All of the compliance issues related to insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare we take care of – you reap the benefits of quick turnaround on claims
  • Technology infrastructure that’s state-of-the-art means you don’t have to buy all that’s needed to stay current with claims
  • You can deduct our services from your taxes
  • You get personalized attention to your practice needs
  • From our founding in 1998, we’ve offered national expertise in psychiatric billing and practice management consulting in several states